But God! I’m Still Here!

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This is my 1st book and I invite you to be inspired by not only my story but the incredible stories of 9 other women and things we all overcame such as illness, alcohol addiction, and sexual molestation. How did we go from being the victim to the victor. We all had God by our side the whole time but we just had to turn to him. I do hope these stories help you or even someone you know realize you are not a victim. God’s got you! You can take what you’ve gone through to help and bless others.


1 But God! I’m Still Here!

2 The Mind Power Journal

3 Recover All

4 Embrace the differences - The His and Her Story

5 Healing in ways you never thought possible

6 Lifting your ADHD voices

7 Split Girl

8 The Nay sayers

9 It’s not my fault but it’s my responsibility

10 Suffering in Silence

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