Improve Bone Health 7 Day Program

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This program was created with five key nutrients in mind:


Calcium is a mineral that is essential for building healthy bones. This meal plan uses ingredients like fortified milk beverages, almond butter, Greek yogurt, and sardines to help you achieve a calcium intake of at least 1,200 mg per day. To maximize the absorption of dietary calcium, the plan limits salt intake as salt increases calcium loss through the urine.

Vitamin D helps to increase the absorption of calcium, ultimately building stronger bones. Obtaining sufficient vitamin D from natural (non fortified) food sources alone is difficult. Experts recommend that adults take a vitamin D supplement year-round.


Magnesium has a structural role in bone maintenance, influences bone-building cells, and modulates potential bone-damaging inflammation. This plan contains over 500 mg of magnesium per day from food sources like chocolate, almonds, and leafy greens.


Phosphorus is essential in supporting bone augmentation and maintenance. This plan ensures you get good sources of phosphorus found naturally in both animal and vegetable products. Aim to avoid cola beverages, fast food, and pre-made frozen processed foods as they have phosphate additives which may interfere with calcium metabolism.


Potassium plays an important role in maintaining bone mineral density, preventing bone breakdown and calcium loss through urine. The meal plan provides at least 3,400 mg of potassium daily from whole foods including avocado, spinach, banana, and beans.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential element of bone collagen and increased vitamin C intake is associated with increased bone density. This plan includes several servings of fruits and vegetables to reach your daily recommended Vitamin C intake.


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