Love Your Heart 6 Day Jumpstart with Free Ebook

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Heart Disease is the #1 killer of men and women. Therefore I put together a heart healthy delicious 6 day jumpstart.

This program focuses on incorporating nutrients essential for heart health including healthy fats, plant sterols, fiber, and antioxidants.

This program was created with the following key considerations:

All Recipes Are GLUTENFREE

Healthy Fats

Good quality fats are associated with a lower risk of both heart disease and cancer. This plan is rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat from olive oil, nuts, and seeds, and lower in saturated fat, meats, and dairy products. Olive oil is incorporated into many meals as it contains tocopherols, polyphenols, and a balanced linoleic/alpha-linolenic acid profile, which is beneficial for the immune system and inflammatory response.

Plant Sterols

Plant sterols can help lower cholesterol by blocking the absorption of some of the cholesterol in food. This program contains naturally occurring plant sterols found in plant-based foods, like spinach, kale, carrots, and sweet potatoes.


Fiber has several health benefits including weight management and lower blood pressure. This meal plan provides daily fiber from foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. Soluble fiber has been shown to improve glycemic control and lower cholesterol. It is incorporated into the program from oats, almond butter, broccoli, and apples.


Essential fat-soluble antioxidants like vitamin A and vitamin E support various cellular functions of our immune system, reduce oxidative stress in cells, and are useful in the treatment of inflammatory diseases. This meal plan contains vitamin A sources like squash, chicken, and bell peppers, and incorporates vitamin E through a daily dose of healthy oils, nuts, and seeds. These foods are paired with healthy fats to increase absorption.

You will also receive a FREE EBOOK 20 Key Strategies To A Healthy Heart!

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