Health Coaching with Paula Denoncourt

Health Coaching Services 

I help people with Lyme disease, joint pain, food allergies, digestive problems and other health concerns reverse the problems and feel their best again. I meet with people one-ob-one in my office or your home, for personalized education and health goal setting. I use methods of change with lasting results, and if you want to feel your best, call me to start benefiting from my expertise and experience.

Eating Right

I help people enjoy eating well, and creating wellness from new skills. There once was a cartoon with a roadside vegetable stand with the word “Farmacy” as the store name. It is true that eating right, reverses, prevents, and helps people recover from illness and injury.

Lyme Disease

Joint pain. Fatigue. Migraines. Unexplained neurological problems. The doctors have said it will be a slow recovery. You wonder, “Is there anything I can do to live a normal life again?” The answer to this is yes. Let’s meet and talk about your health, and let me show you how you can begin to feel better again!

Allergy Solutions

Are allergies ruining your life? Would you like to enjoy dining at a restaurant, or going to a public place and not having dread and panic overrun your thoughts? Food allergies, environmental allergies, animal allergies, mold allergies and just about every disturbance of our allergic response can be controlled at one level or another. Are you ready to take control over your life once again? 

I.B.S. and G.I. Distress

Would you like to wake up every morning feeling free for embarrassment, pain, and discomfort and have the confidence to do the things you want to do without worry about how your gut is going to behave all day? I help people feel better everyday and overcome the impact of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other G.I. illnesses.

I recently met Paula and had a wonderful conversation… I have had trouble with my weight and have tried so many diets that haven’t seemed to work for me. Paula and I discussed her approach to eating healthy and just being healthy all together. I can’t wait to take this a step further…

Up to 300,000 Americans are diagnosed with Lyme disease every year according to new research from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC).

Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S.  More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year.

Are your ready to start living? Call Paula now!