Paula Denoncourt is an amazing Health Coach and Raw Food Educator.  She has helped me so much with creating healthy options for me when it concerns my diet.  I was diagnosed with Lyme disease almost 2

years ago and had Lyme Disease a year before that.  What Lymies “as we are called” put in their mouth is so important to our recovery and to keep feeling good.  Certain foods will trigger the Lyme and make me feel horrible.  Paula took the time to listen to me and she herself went on a mission to learn

everything she could about Lyme disease which truly meant that she cared.  I met with Paula every other week for 3 months.  She first found out all about me and spent time going over what foods to eat and what not to eat.  She gave me great recipes to cook and I also had her cook for me.  Paula is an

amazing cook.  You think you are on cloud 9 when eating her food.   She had me keep a food journal to see not only what foods triggered my Lyme physically and mentally.  She wanted to know how I felt emotionally as well.  We went over Detoxing my body and set up a program for that also.  I learned how important cleansing your body is when trying to recover from any disease.  She has so much to offer when it comes to teaching you how to eat, What to eat, how to cook it or have her cook for you.  She will educate you all about Raw food and see if that route is the best thing for you.  Paula Denoncourt is a true professional and at the top of her game.  She knows her stuff and is a wealth of knowledge.  She helped me so much.  I feel so much better, I have lost weight and I am not in so much of a fog mentally anymore.  No matter what your health and nutritional challenges are Paula Denoncourt is the Health Coach and Raw Food Educator for you.

Brenda Couture

I wanted to let you know that I am still eating healthy and enjoying it. Not feeling deprived but nourished and satisfied. I wore a pair of pants this week that are one size smaller than usual. I also notice my spiritual work is much clearer and I can “see” so much more. I’ve even started some of the astral travel when I meditate. I love when I’m flying. I’m getting a lot of message through angel numbers and animal totems. I keep hearing I’m on the right spiritual path and I have some big changes coming. I believe I’ve become a clearer channel because I’m eating food that moves through and doesn’t clog things up. Thanks for inspiring me.

Lynn Toomy

My experience of meeting with Paula Denoncourt is what has been the most rewarding. We have continued to meet weekly and she has helped me to come up with new ideas and healthy meals. I emailed her today for some help with some meals I was making today for the week and she got right back to me with the help I needed. Paula, you will be very proud of me…I made peach mango salsa, kale chips, quinoa with vegetables and fruit salad…I had a busy day of cooking, but now I have lunch for a few days and some healthy snacks!  So, thank you Paula for all of your help…I feel like I’m over the first hurdle and I have you to thank for it.

 Tara Gould

“Over the past month I have enjoyed working with Paula Denoncourt. She has guided me with information, support and inspiration to help me meet my goals, help me create a healthier weight and continues to help me carve a path of better health for myself. Her daily email support was key in keeping me motivated and educated. I highly recommend Paula’s services because she is dedicated and committed to helping you create optimal health.”
Roberta White
THANK YOU PAULA J! This was the “BEST” class ever offered at work, and I hope we can do another with Paula in the spring. I never got this much out of the million times I joined Weight Watchers and “quit”. In just 3 weeks I lost 5.5lbs., something I never achieved through the Weight Watchers program.
This was my first detox. The three weeks I did attend were very informative, and I am definitely more conscious of what I am eating. I would love to see another detox in the spring or even have a bi-weekly class, just to keep us on track through the winter. Paula was a great leader.

Thank you!


Even though I have tried a similar Detox before it was no way as informative and helpful as it was during this 4-week program. I was amazed to find out that a lot of my earlier symptoms that I experienced could be corrected by what I chose to eat or not eat – that was a big eye opener for me.  I think the more we can educate others on this and help them along the way to provide meals, recipes, guidelines that are easy, tasteful, healthy, quick, enjoyable, economical (by educating everyone on what priorities are important to them and their family in that sense eating whole foods won’t seem out of reach).  It is people like you and others that have gone through a similar program or schooling as you have to provide that information.  I cannot even tell you the amount of time and money that I have spent on the internet, purchasing recipe books, self-help books to understand some of the information you provided in this 4-Week Detox program.  For me, I believe the items I did purchase will help me, my family, friends, and strangers for the long term, but it is the help, experience, and education that you provided us that helped put it all in perspective and in an easier to understand format, not to mention having the Facebook group available for sharing of recipes, challenges, and goals being achieved such as weight loss and feeling so much better than when we started.


Thanks Again!

Nancy J. Madison


I embarked on a journey with Paula that has helped me look at food differently.  My own situation with digestive issues spurred it on but Paula introduced me to the tools to dissect my own issues.  She provided literature and support as well as the enthusiasm to propel me to become healthier. In the process I did lose some weight but I realized that I alone can change me if I choose to!  Paula is kind, generous and always available.  She is enthusiastic and that is what I love most about her….you won’t be disappointed if you set up a consultation.  I know I’m not…the information she has given me has changed the next 30 years for me! I really appreciate all you have done!

Thank you again for all your help!  I know you’ll do great things and help lots of people!